Full Name
Ranisha Speed
Life Finessed
Job Title
HR Consultant
Speaker Bio
Ranisha Speed-Pittman is an experienced HR consultant with over 8 years of working with teams. She is passionate about strategy development and implementation, travel, wellness, DEI, recruitment, and consulting for HR teams and small businesses. She owns Life Finessed, an HR Consulting company, specializing in awakening a renewed spirit within small to medium businesses to think about HR differently. Ranisha served on the board of her local SHRM chapter, in Astoria, Oregon in a variety of positions as Student Relations & Workforce Readiness Co-Chair, SHRM Foundation Co-Chair, Communications Director, President-Elect, and President. She collaborated with other leaders inviting growth and change to the organization to increase engagement and membership. Ranisha holds a BS in Psychology and an MBA in HR Management.
Ranisha Speed