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Loralyn Mears, PhD
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Word Nerd. Science geek. Champion of the underserved. Social entrepreneur inspired by acts of kindness. An optimist and contrarian bent on living outside the box. Loralyn Mears, PhD has held executive leadership roles in marketing and innovation for three Fortune 100s and several tech startups. Along the way, she’s launched dozens of products, startups, and Centers of Excellence. As a recognized author and National Gold Medal book winner, awardee from NJ Governor Murphy and the City of Philadelphia, Loralyn applied her tech experience and passion for driving sustainable change to launch STEERus. She's determined to make workplaces less toxic, more productive, and to close the gap between education and work. As a social entrepreneur, she focuses on enabling underserved communities, particularly those with special needs through her nonprofit, HELPipedia, which is powered by the STEERus platform as the "Hub for HELP."
Loralyn Mears, PhD