Full Name
Paul Artale
Speaker and Consultant
Job Title
Speaker, Researcher, Author, Trainer
Speaker Bio
Dr. Paul Artale is an award-winning work-life balance speaker, researcher, and author who is committed to helping organizations create high performance cultures by promoting flexible, results oriented workplace practices that leverage employee strengths. Paul obtained his PhD in Higher Education Administration with a focus on Human Resources and Labor and Industrial Relations from Michigan State University where his research focused on the positive impact workplace flexibility and boundary management has on employee retention and engagement. These flexibility strategies are detailed in Paul’s first book The 2-Year Old’s Guide to Work-Life Balance. He also twice received the Wilson Award from Michigan State University for excellence in human resource research. Paul was also a featured contributor to the book “Beyond The Pride and The Privilege: The Stories of Doctoral Students and Work-Life Balance.” and has also written on the topic of work-life balance for several publications and is currently writing his next book: Maximum Ability: How to Recruit and Retain Employees with Disabilities.
Paul Artale