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Michelle S. Braden
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Speaker Bio
Michelle has coached and trained leaders and teams for over 20 years. She is the founder of the Authentic Leadership Summit, the Emerging Executive Leadership and Conversational Oxygen Programs. Michelle has also served as a panelist for the World Coaching Conference. Michelle is a certified coach with PCC credentials from the International Coaching Federation, is a Master Certified Executive Coach with the MEECO Leadership Institute, holds a PhD in Leadership/Management and is the author of three leadership books: Stand Out, Dare to Make a Difference, and Bottom Line. She is also a long-term thought-leadership contributor to several blogs/publications including: Forbes, Thought Leaders, Lead Change and Leadership Courseware.

Michelle is committed to partnering with leaders to identify their motivators, drivers, values and principles that increase their awareness of who they are and how they want to be known as a leader. She works with leaders to uncover both productive and challenging behaviors that may be enhancing their leadership or holding them back from being the leaders they want to be. Ultimately, leaders are motivated to set and achieve their highest goals.
Michelle Braden