Full Name
Diane Allen
Beyond Engagement
Job Title
Speaker Trainer Coach
Speaker Bio
International Speaker and Violinist Diane Allen is a TEDx/TED Speaker, and Thought Leader who speaks on increasing the meaning, joy and fulfillment in one's work and life by accessing the flow state. Years before neuroscientists discovered the positive impact the flow state has on achieving peak performance, Diane had already experienced the power of flow in her own career as a violinist. It was her unique approach to getting into flow, on demand, that landed her a spot on the TEDxNaperville stage as well as features on TED, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, Associated Press, Boston Herald, Authority Magazine, and Thrive Global. Today, Diane is known for her experiential Keynotes, Training and Coaching programs that go Beyond Engagementâ„¢ featuring her three-step Flow Strategyâ„¢ system which empowers people to get into their flow state, be in their genius, and love their job.
Diane Allen